September 5 Vogue Fashion Fund winner GGDB Sneakers Sidst udgivet den 05-09-2017

The latest CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund winner GGDB Sneakers and certainly one of the most exciting young designers on the scene today, Alexander Wang, showed his collection to a packed house which included notables like Anna Wintour, Sarah Jessica Parker, Zoe Kravitz, and former model-muse Erin Wasson.

NM: With the resources on our planet being ever more limited —especially water, energy and fertile soil —it is vital to work with raw materials that are renewable, have a lower environmental impact and are responsibly processed in a fair manner. For companies, this means the whole supply chain needs to be shifted —from raw materialto GGDB end product to end-of-life —whether their customer base is with them or not. The resource constraints will force thischange very soon —a look at the water table in China shows this very clearly. Any company without a strategy for a less resource-intensive and more responsible approach is simply doomed. The customer will get this message eventually, but let us hope that this process will be accelerated by society. More education and information is required for society to switch on, and above all the regulator needs to give signals and incentives —integrating the "polluter pays" principleon a governmental level is well overdue. It would accelerate this processon the customer side as well as on the industryside.